Another great year for the annual Riviera Yacht Support golf bonanza.

After last year’s great success, Riviera Yacht Support will continue the GOLF BONANZA festivities at the Grande Bastide Golf Course on Friday 30th September.

This years Hole In One prize

Now that winter is in full swing; and rain is our ubiquitous and uninvited weekend guest; there is finally time to write about some of the happenings of the past year.  My brain is still slightly mushy from the incredibly busy season, but I will do my best to do this in some sort of reverse chronological order. Starting with the world famous* RIVIERA YACHT SUPPORT GOLF BONANZA 2011!!!

This years GOLF BONANZA, was round 2 of the same successful event that we held in 2010, and it continued in the same vein as it left off last year…

As the sun rose above the as yet divot free battle-ground of the Grand Bastide golf course, the 21 teams of combatants arrived, with their assortment of clubs and with dreams of making the return trip not in the JetSet sponsored transport but in their brand new Mercedes SLK…No, you didn’t read it wrong. Ulf had once again upped the ante, and the prize for a hole in one on the 3rd, was a brand new Mercedes SLK!

A full English breakfast made with a dash of French flair by Froggy Gourmet’s Froggy in chief, Bruno Lépicier, was the first order of business. The breakfast would serve as the primary defence against the repeat visits from the rum and beer wielding drinks-buggy drivers. The blue lady pub in Antibes sponsored one drinks-buggy with  Gilles; the king-of-beer-dispensing; at the helm. The Riviera Yacht Yacht Support buggy was manned/wommaned? by Hannah Humphries and Norma Trease… both of whom had obviously trained in the beer halls of  Oktoberfest!

At 8 o’clock sharp the call to clubs was sounded, and the troops took to the course by chariot and foot, ready to fight it out for pride and prizes. As usual, Ulf had managed to call in a few favours and the sun beat the gloomy forecasts to beat down on the course for the day. Some fine golf was played by some golfers, who regularly hit birdies, eagles and other feathered creatures. There were however a number of animal lovers who declined to hit anything, feathered or otherwise… the second group swelled in numbers with each pass of the drinks buggies.

The chariots of fire…

After 18 eventful holes the 19th appeared like a mirage in the desert and took the form of a Riviera Yacht Support free flowing champagne bar, and a wine bar/wine tasting sponsored by Chateau L’Arnaud. At around this point, friends and families of the intrepid golfers arrived. They were all hoping to find that their husband/brother/sister/father/lover/boyfriend had laid claim to the Mercedes SLK. Alas this hadn’t been the case and they had to settle for the soothing properties of champagne and sunshine.

Once everybody had had their fill of bubbles and wine education lunch was served. First up was the buffet style starter fit for kings. The main course; fit for no lesser rank in royalty; was lamb shank, mash and vegetables. Norma Trease took to the platform whilst digestion was underway and began the prize giving. Results are shown below the list of our wonderful sponsors.  The entertaining prize giving, and  mouth watering dessert didn’t signify the end of proceedings. There was still more to be drunk, stories from the bunker to be shared and even more prizes to be won courtesy of OCEAN GOLF’s floating green shootout.

Thank you to all participants and sponsors for once again making it another successful event! A special thanks to MONACO MARINE, who were once again our premium sponsor.

See you all in 2012!!!

P.S My apologies for the crooked layout of these pictures!  The full album is on a link on this website (soon to be upgraded) as well on our facebook page.

More photos

  • MONACO MARINE: Best Team prize – Terry Allen, Ryan Allen, Andrew Bunning and Cameron Mckernan. walked away with Travelbags, golf bags and trophy
  • PYA: Most Pickled player prize- Ian Torrance. Stumbled away with a 200Euro PYA membership
  • THE CREW COACH: Deepest Divot award – Colin Ruscoe. Walked away with Crew Coaching lessons
  • JOTUN and PBS YACHTING: Closest pin award- David Shadrach. Walked away with a PING putter and trophy
  • JOTUN and PBS YACHTING: Closest Pin award – Gina Gillman. Walked away with a PING putter and trophy
  • JOTUN and PBS YACHTING: Longest Drive award – Jaipie Wedeman. Walked away with a magnum of Grey Goose Vodka donated by Sven from TEAK DECK
  • JOTUN and PBS YACHTINGS: Longest Drive award- Maria Carr. Walked away with an Ipod Docking station and trophey donated by Glyn from ICON CONNECT
  • The tournaments Least best Player: David Powell. Walked a way with a lovely set of plastic practice clubs
  • RYS: Almost the Mercedes prize- Andrew Bowyer. Walked a way with a magnum of Chateau L’Arnaud rosé
  • Blue Lady: 3rd Best Male prize – Stee Haug. Walked a way with a Heineken bag
  • Blue Lady: 2nd Best Gents prize – Thomas Pouzet des Iles. Walked away with a Heineken watch
  • MONACO MARINE: Best Male prize – Cameron Mckerna.Walked away with an Iphone4 and a trophy donated by HEM
  • Honarary Prize: Pierre Rayon
  • FROGGY GOURMET: 3rd Best Ladies prize – Gina Gillman. Walked away with a gourmet gift basket
  • ELITE RENTAL CAR: 2nd Best Ladies  prize- Maria Carr. Drove away with the prize of a weekend  in mini convertible
  • RINCK TRAVEL ANTIBES: Best Ladies prize – Micheline Pouzet. Flew away with Nice-London return flight and Trophy
  • FREEDOM MARITIME: 3rd Best Team award – Nick Cuttelle, Heath McCoramck, Luke Humphries and Tony Branstetter walked away with roujnds of golf at the Grand Bastide, and golf equipment maintenace kits
  • CHATEAU L’ARNAUD: 2nd Best Team prize – Brieu Audebert, Michleine, Thomas and Frabrice Pouzet.  All walked away with a bottle of Magnum rosé

Thanks to all our sponsors!